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Time Management for the Blueprint Community

How TimeAlign can help you live a long and balanced life

By Matty Reed
June 9, 2024

Don’t Die. This simple idea has gained momentum thanks to Bryan Johnson and his exploration of the limits of human longevity. 

The simplicity of this phrase hides a profound philosophy about the future and purpose of humanity, but in a more practical sense, ‘don’t die’ is the explicit goal of Bryan’s Blueprint protocol: a holistic approach to self optimization for the purpose of self preservation.

As a supporter of Bryan and an advocate of his philosophy, I am using TimeAlign app to operationalize parts of the Blueprint protocol and developing the TimeAlign system into a solution that can help people live longer, more fulfilled lives.

Following the Blueprint Protocol

The blueprint protocol is daunting. Bryan possesses a level of discipline that most people can barely imagine, but he also has access to a team of trainers, assistants, researchers, coaches, and chefs to help him execute the protocol. His team supports him each day by designing a plan and holding him accountable to it. They help him meet his fitness goals, his nutritional goals, and they help him manage his time.

The rest of us do not have access to these resources. Instead, we implement more cost effective ways to stay disciplined and aligned to our goals. There are some obvious environmental changes that we can implement, like removing sugary snacks from the pantry, but we can also leverage a plethora of tools, apps, and online resources.

TimeAlign is one of these solutions; a time management app that can help us operationalize the blueprint protocol and align our daily actions to our long-term aspirations by building better goal-driven plans and sticking to them.

Feedback Loops

A system is optimized through the use of feedback loops. Inputs generate outputs which are measured and analyzed to guide subsequent inputs.

At its core, the Blueprint protocol follows a simple feedback loop to optimize longevity:

  1. Introduce a health intervention
  2. Measure effect on the body with a plethora of longevity metrics
  3. Adjust blueprint based on data insights

The TimeAlign system has its own feedback loop to optimize time-well-spent and goal achievement:

  1. Set time and habit goals
  2. Schedule based on those goals
  3. Measure actual behavior
  4. Adjust based on data insights

The TimeAlign feedback loop is designed to reveal data insights that guide positive behavior change which leads to faster, more consistent goal achievement.

TimeAlign has become a core part of the protocol that holds me accountable to my plan and balances my goals among the various domains of my life. In this way, I am able to be more intentional with my time, maintain better discipline, and do the things that will help me increase my longevity.

TimeAlign for the Blueprint Protocol

How can we apply the TimeAlign feedback loop to help us follow the Blueprint protocol?

TimeAlign gives us the means to operationalize the blueprint protocol by blocking time in our calendar for the things that matter most and holding us accountable to those intentions. In other words, it helps us invest our time wisely in the activities that will have the greatest impact on our longevity.

  • Sleep: Block time for sleep and keep your bedtime consistent.
  • Exercise: Make exercise a priority and schedule time for all of the exercise you need to improve your longevity.
  • Morning and Night Routines: Build consistent routines to start your day off right and to wind down before sleep.
  • Cooking and Eating: Schedule time to eat and optimize your meal time for better energy and sleep.
  • Research: Make time to research the latest developments in longevity science, and keep up-to-date with the Blueprint protocol as it evolves.
  • Balance: Review your data insights on a weekly basis and make sure your priorities are balanced and your time is aligned to your goals in each life domain.

How I Currently Use TimeAlign to Self-Optimize

I’m using TimeAlign as a tool to hold myself accountable each week to behaviors that might seem trivial in the short term, but over decades, will compound into profound health outcomes. 

Here is an example of my weekly goals in the TimeAlign app:

Here is my goal progress by the end of that week:

Once I establish my goals, the app helps me schedule enough time to reach them. Then, I track my behavior throughout the week to determine whether my actions are aligned with my intentions. I was able to achieve 4/5 of my goals—not bad—but based on my data insights from that week, I decided to introduce more goals.

This is an example of how the TimeAlign feedback loop helps me optimize my time around things that matter to me. The feedback I get from the app is invaluable in guiding future scheduling decisions. 

TimeAlign goes beyond a simple habit tracker, it is a tool that helps me align my life to the Blueprint protocol through better goal-driven scheduling and self accountability. 

Aligned Philosophies

While I use TimeAlign every day as a practical solution for operationalizing the blueprint protocol, I also see a much deeper alignment with the Don’t Die philosophy.

Bryan Johnson outlines this philosophy at length in his book “Don’t Die” which explores his ideas through a thought experiment involving different versions of himself. The discussion between this party of Bryans culminates in a statement about the future of humanity: we are in the midst of a great historical transition, a passing of the torch from humans to AI. 

He describes a future where human consciousness and biological intelligence cedes control to super-intelligent AI which has the power to save us from death and usher in a new era of human flourishing.

In other words, AI is rapidly becoming a better steward of complex systems than we are, from entire societies down to the individual human body—and this trend is only accelerating. 

Blueprint is the manifestation of this trend in the extreme. Bryan relies on advanced algorithms to guide his daily life and improve his health and wellbeing.

TimeAlign shares this philosophy. We believe that a feedback loop of intelligent scheduling and detailed measurement can understand and improve how we invest our time, guiding us towards activities that are more aligned with our goals. 

In this future, humans collaborate with goal-aligned AI, training it to understand our behavior–including our biases–and working together to become the best versions of ourselves.

Just as people slowly grew accustomed to trusting their GPS maps—and eventually trusting their self-driving cars—to get them to their destination, more people will see the benefits of trusting algorithms in other areas of their life. Be it nutrition management or mate selection, collaborating with goal-aligned algorithms will lead to better decision making.

Someday, we may trust important health decisions to an algorithm and maybe even trust a time management AI to guide us towards a life of greater fulfillment.


The ultimate goal is: Don’t Die.

But how we reach this goal is not always clear and actionable—or affordable. For most of us in the Blueprint Community, we don’t have access to a team of assistants, so we seek ways of achieving this ultimate goal using the available resources. This means learning from our community, tracking our fitness and nutrition, and managing our time with new and better tools.

TimeAlign is a powerful and affordable app that helps operationalize the Blueprint protocol—a system to track ourselves and hack ourselves through data-driven time optimization. 

If you want to be a part of this movement and help us build the future of goal-aligned intelligent time management, you’ve come to the right place!

You can learn more about TimeAlign and engage with our community by joining our Discord server

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