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It is said that time is the ultimate scarce resource, diminishing with each passing moment until it’s gone. And we all know this to some extent. But oftentimes it takes a jarring life event to show us the true meaning, and limitation, of our time. That is where TimeAlign’s story, and our “why”, begins.

In 2019, Matty Reed, Co-Founder of TimeAlign, received the dreaded call that no one wants to get. His mother had just been diagnosed with terminal cancer, and she would be lucky to live another year.

Matty began reprioritizing his life, quitting his job to spend what precious moments he could with his mother before it was too late. He immersed himself in time management research and best practices, learned to code, and developed the very first prototype of TimeAlign to help him make the most of the time he had left with his mom, as well as make time to continue pursuing his passions.

Over time, he recruited the help of Lucas and Jordan, who each brought their own skills, experiences, and “whys” to the project, crafting a shared vision for the next generation of time and life optimization. Each member of our founding team has their own reasons for wanting to understand and optimize their time, from goal achievement to work-life balance and much more.

As we continued to build TimeAlign and talk to people about our ideas, we realized everyone has their own “why”, the ambitions they would achieve if they had enough time, the sacrifices they would make to invest more time in their passions, and for some, the quality time they wish they had prioritized with a loved one before it was too late.

That’s why we build TimeAlign.

And we build TimeAlign for you and your “why” so that you can find a better way to spend your days, your weeks, and your life on the things and with the people that matter most. Before it’s too late.

In loving memory of CJ Reed 🤟

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