About Us

Our Story

Our founding team came together with the aspiration of building a solution to better understand and manage our time. Each of us had tried various time management, productivity, and habit tracking tools to gain better control over our busy schedules only to find them all lacking.

We were looking for a more holistic system to manage our entire week that not only improves our efficiency at work but also helps us balance our daily time allocation and make progress towards meaningful long-term goals. Ultimately, we want to spend more of our life in deep work, flow states, quality time with loved ones, and all the other things that matter to us most.

TimeAlign is the result of these ambitions. A self-optimization app that closes the feedback loop on time management by helping us understand and improve how we actually spend our time, not just how we plan to spend our time. It uses a system of calendar time-blocking, smartwatch notifications, time-tracking, and actionable data insights that guide subsequent scheduling efforts and improve self-discipline.

We are passionate about human-first technology, and we believe our time is well-spent developing TimeAlign into a helpful digital assistant for ourselves and everyone else on their journey of self-optimization and fulfillment.