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Align your daily actions with
your long-term ambitions

TimeAlign is a personal data-driven time optimization app. Align your time with your goals so you can achieve more, waste less, and invest your time in what matters.
  • Easy + intuitive activity tracking.
  • Color categorized time-blocking.
  • Customizable smart reminders.
  • Actionable insights + beautiful reports.
  • Gamified habits + goal streaks.
  • Optimize time + balance your life.
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Coming soon to iOS + Apple Watch!
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Optimize Your Schedule
Balance Your Life

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Features & Benefits

Calendar Integrations

Seamlessly manage life by linking personal and work calendars—synchronize every commitment effortlessly.

Powerful Goal Setting

Reach your goals faster with real-time progress tracking—transform aspirations into achievements.

Interactive Notifications

Stay focused and proactive with personalized reminders that keep your priorities in sight, across all devices.

Intuitive Time Tracking

Simplify time management with easy tracking on your Apple Watch or iPhone—spend time wisely, not tracking it.

Insightful Data Visualizations

Understand and optimize your time with weekly insights—make informed decisions to boost productivity.

Watch-face Widgets

Beautiful information-dense visuals on the face of your apple watch—stay on track to achieve your goals with a tilt of the wrist.

Apple Health Integration

Coming soon! Align health with productivity—integrate Apple Health for smarter decisions that elevate well-being and efficiency.

Task List Integrations

Coming soon! Manage to-do's by linking task lists—increase focus and productivity by scheduling all tasks in a single app.
Set Goals and
Build Your Schedule
Sync Your Calendar
to Your Smartwatch
Track Your Activities
and Stay on Schedule
Understand Your Time
with Data Insights
Optimize Your Time with
Data-Driven Schedules

How it Works

TimeAlign is a gamified time blocking and activity tracking application that closes the feedback loop on time management. It combines productivity best-practices with the latest in behavioral psychology, wearable technology, and data analytics to help you develop realistic plans, make progress towards goals, and live a life more closely aligned with your priorities.

The TimeAlign
Feedback Loop

Set Goals &
Define Your Ideal Self

  • Set realistic goals for how to spend your time each week.
  • Create categories to help you balance all aspects of your life.
  • Schedule time in your calendar to hit all of your goals.

Sync Your Calendars &
Build Your Schedule

  • Integrate your existing calendars to keep your plan in once place.
  • Populate your calendar with categorized colorful time-blocks.
  • Native Apple Watch app with information-dense widgets.  

Track Your Activities &
Stay on Schedule

  • Track time directly from push notifications to your watch.‍
  • Start, stop, postpone, or switch tasks from your watch with ease.
  • Timers keep you focused and accountable to your schedule.

Understand Your Behavior
With Data Insights

  • Gain insights into your behavior with weekly, monthly, and yearly reports.
  • Visualize and understand scheduled time versus actual time spent.
  • Maintain progress towards goals and level-up with data analytics.

Optimize Your Time with
Data-Driven Schedules

Join our community of self-optimizers and gain early access to the app. We are working hard developing and improving the TimeAlign system and we would love your feedback!
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User Data Ownership
& Privacy

We take privacy and security very seriously. Personal user data will not be shared or sold. User data that is collected to improve the TimeAlign system is encrypted and stored securely.


What is TimeAlign?

TimeAlign is a mobile and wearable app designed to help you align your time with your goals. It combines time-blocking, smartwatch notifications, seamless time-tracking, and actionable data insights to guide your scheduling efforts and improve self-discipline.

How does TimeAlign work?

TimeAlign works by gamifying time management. Set goals, schedule your time according to those goals, track your activities against your schedule, and receive data insights and reports on how well your time is aligned. It helps you quantify and understand how you actually spend your time, not just how you planned to spend it, so you can optimize your schedule and spend more time making progress towards your goals.

What makes TimeAlign different from other time management apps?

TimeAlign is the first and only solution to close the feedback loop on time management by combining your scheduled time with your actual tracked time. This unique feature helps you align your time with your goals and make informed decisions about how to optimize your schedule. Unlike other apps, TimeAlign integrates wearable technology, provides actionable insights based on your tracked behavior data, and helps you improve over time.

Can TimeAlign help me improve my productivity?

Yes, TimeAlign can definitely help improve your productivity. By making it easy to time-block your time and providing you with data insights about how you actually spend your time, it enables you to make better plans, set realistic weekly goals, and develop positive work habits. The app helps you stay focused, improve discipline, and maximize your time spent on what matters most—at work and in life.

Can TimeAlign help me improve my life balance and find more fulfillment?

Yes, TimeAlign is designed to help you align your time with what matters to you most. TimeAlign encourages you to set goals and be intentional with your time, so you are able to better understand and balance your life between various life domains such as work, family, personal projects, and play. We believe this is key to crafting a better life and finding more fulfillment.

How does TimeAlign handle privacy and data security?

TimeAlign takes privacy and data security seriously. The app is built with a human-first technology approach, ensuring that you always own your data and that it’s protected and not shared with any third parties without your consent. TimeAlign adheres to strict privacy policies and follows industry best practices to safeguard your information.

Can TimeAlign integrate with other calendars?

TimeAlign currently integrates with Google Calendar and will integrate with all other major calendars in the future.

Does TimeAlign integrate with other task lists and to-do lists?

Not yet. We have plans to integrate with all major task list apps, but we would love your feedback to help us prioritize!

Is TimeAlign available for both iOS and Android devices?

TimeAlign is only available for iOS for now and is accessible through Apple TestFlight during the beta testing program. Eventually, it will be released on the Apple App store, followed by the Google Play store.

Does TimeAlign work offline?

Yes, TimeAlign will work offline and sync your data across all devices once you’re connected to the internet.

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Optimize Your Schedule
Balance Your Life

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