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Smartwatch: The Ultimate Time Management Tool

Smartwatches can help you fight distraction, manage your time, and live a more intentional life.

By Matty Reed
August 22, 2023

As technology continues to pervade every aspect of our lives, it's important to take a step back and evaluate how much value we're actually getting from our devices and applications.

Are we using technology as a tool, or are we being exploited by it?

It's time to be honest about how we use technology and whether our devices are providing overall benefits to our lives.

Tristan Harris: tech ethicist, entrepreneur, and Co-Founder of Center for Humane Technology

Smartwatches as an Antidote to Smartphones

Many of us are fully reliant on our smartphones, which can be both attention-demanding and information-overloading.

Smartphones subject us to a stream of unnecessary push notifications, nefarious nudges, and endless possibilities for entertainment and social media dopamine hits available in your pocket at nearly all moments of the day. It can be overwhelming and perniciously addicting.

However, there is a solution: smartwatches.

It sounds counterintuitive, but smartwatches can actually be an antidote to smartphones thanks to their inherent constraints. The small GUI of a smartwatch makes it less than ideal for reading and writing long messages, and its low-bandwidth interface also makes it a poor vehicle for attention traps like entertainment, media, and games.

Smartwatches are like a high-pass filter. The concept of a high-pass filter comes from electronics and refers to a component that allows only high-frequency signals to pass through while attenuating or blocking low-frequency signals.

Similarly, smartwatches can function as a high-pass filter to allow only small amounts of important information in the form of notifications and watch-face widgets while blocking low-importance information. This dense information that passes through a smartwatch is less distracting than the barrage of options and notifications you constantly face on a smartphone.

Smartwatches as Tools for Time Management

In addition to limiting distractions, smartwatches are excellent tools for time management.

They allow for minimal interaction with the small screen, but for some things, a smartwatch is the best tool. One of those things is quickly telling the time; another is receiving timely silent-vibrating notifications that can be checked and acknowledged with a tilt of the arm.

The ease with which a watch can be used to consume small bits of information makes it the perfect conduit for calendar schedule notifications. Simple reminders that tell you what you should be doing at a given moment or a reminder of some future event based on your thoughtfully constructed calendar. Smartwatch widgets can display a lot of information in a very dense space, so just a glance at your wrist can give you context about what you should be focused on now and what to expect in the near future.

Smartwatches in the TimeAlign System

TimeAlign encourages focus and digital wellbeing by aligning your time and attention with your priorities and empowering you to live more intentionally. We developed TimeAlign to take advantage of the benefits of smartwatches for better digital hygiene and time management.

Unlike many other apps, TimeAlign is designed to leverage your devices as tools for empowerment instead of attempting to hijack your limited resources and dragging you into addictive behaviors that are counterproductive to your responsibilities and long-term goals.

The TimeAlign app leverages the power of smartwatches, providing useful nuggets of information in the form of scheduled push notifications, watch-face complications, and a smartwatch application for quick access to calendar and time-block information on the go.

This tight integration between your calendar and your smartwatch gives you the power to filter out unwanted smartphone distractions while providing useful notifications to keep you on track throughout your day.

Additionally, the TimeAlign smartwatch application is an excellent tool for simple calendar updates and time tracking helping you stay on schedule and keep track of your activities throughout the day.


In conclusion, smartwatches are valuable tools for those looking to establish better digital hygiene and manage their time more efficiently. By limiting distractions and providing timely, valuable information, smartwatches can help you prioritize your values and stay focused on your long-term goals.

The integration of TimeAlign with smartwatches provides an even more powerful tool for intentional living, making it easier to manage your time and attention in a way that aligns with your priorities.

If you want to learn more, read our whitepaper.

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