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TimeAlign Manifesto

Who is TimeAlign for?

If you struggle to build a realistic schedule and stick to it, TimeAlign is for you.
TimeAlign is a personal AI time management assistant that helps you align your actions with your intentions.

If you strive to optimize your your day-to-day life to achieve your ambitions, TimeAlign is for you.
TimeAlign helps you align your daily activities with your long-term aspirations.

If you struggle to convert vague goals into concrete timeblocks on your calendar, TimeAlign is for you.
TimeAlign AI helps you clarify your priorities and craft goal-driven plans.

If you strive to rise above the competition through efficient planning and execution, TimeAlign is for you.
TimeAlign holds you accountable to your top priorities, so you never let a day pass without progress.

If you struggle to spend your time on the things that matter most, TimeAlign is for you.
TimeAlign helps you make data-driven investments with your time and ensure every moments is time-well-spent..

The Time Alignment Problem

Time is our most valuable resource, but we struggle to spend it on what matters most.

Many people say they want to spend more time on the important things like quality time with family, physical exercise, and time in nature, but the data shows a stark discrepancy between what we say is important and how we actually spend our limited time.

At TimeAlign, our mission is to build a solution to the Time Alignment Problem.
We are creating the tools that will help you invest your time wisely and make the most of your 24 hours each day.

Time Accounting & Investing

Many people invest their money seeking positive ROI. We consider time an investable asset too. Time investments compound over time too: the time we invest in building skills and relationships now will open many doors and yield greater returns later.

Time, like money, is a valuable resource that we use to achieve our goals, but unlike money, time is irreplaceable—a precious limited resource that we must choose how to spend in each moment.

At TimeAlign, we budget and account for how we invest our time and seek positive ROTI, Return On Time Invested.

The Quantified Self

Many people use digital tools to track their finances, fitness, and nutrition, but for some reason, they are content to rely on their faulty mental accounting of time. Not us. We believe our digital tools should be used to augment our human capabilities and help us maximize our time-well-spent.

TimeAlign extends the quantified self into the realm of time management, measuring your behavior to help you make better data-driven decisions about how to invest your time. You are in control of your own personal behavior data, it will only be used to improve the product and improve your life, and it will never be shared or sold.

What gets measured, get’s improved, and in order to optimize and improve your behavior, you must first track and quantify how you spend your time. Or as we like to say at TimeAlign, before you can hack yourself, you must track yourself!

The Future of Time Management

Artificial General Intelligence (AGI) is approaching rapidly. At TimeAlign, we are building technology for a world where everyone is connected to a personal AGI at all times.

TimeAlign gives you the tools to fine-tune your personal goal-aligned AI to optimize your schedule and ensure your time is aligned with your priorities. You align the AI to your goals and train it with your behavior data, and the AI has root access to a mechanism of behavior change via direct schedule management, data-driven recommendations, and calibrated nudges throughout the day.

With this powerful closed feedback loop, the AI will hold you accountable to your plans and guide you towards the person you want to become. Together, we are creating a new type of human-AI interface designed to maximize human flourishing.

Time-Well-Spent is a Life-Well-Spent

TimeAlign is not just a tool, it's a lifestyle—a commitment to stay focused, live intentionally, grow consistently, and flourish in a world that constantly vies for our time and attention.

We're turning the concept of time management on its head. It's no longer about filling your day with tasks; it's about filling your tasks with purpose. Whether you're pursuing career milestones, personal growth, or seeking a harmonious work-life balance so you can spend a little more time with loved ones, TimeAlign is your partner in making every second count.

We believe TimeAlign will help us all live a life-well-spent.

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